Let’s Whine

Let’s Whine.


On Wednesday, September 21st, AIFS took a trip to Castello di Verrazano  for a little wine tasting experience. We were all extremely thrilled for this exciting opportunity, and we even dressed up in hopes for a good photo opportunity.

When we arrived, we were amazed by the beauty of the castle, and fell in love with the unforgettable scenery.


We started off with a quick introduction of the castle and learned all about its history. They wanted to make it clear that this castle was not just a place where they made wine, but a place where love and family had an actual meaning. They mentioned that they did not have professional cooks, but instead, had the women who lived in the estate prepare the delicious food. Everyone who lived on the estate had a purpose to make sure that the castle was functioning properly. We also learned that everything that was prepared for us came from their land and that they did not buy the ingredients at stores.

After learning more about the castle and its history, we took a little tour and discovered where they stored their wine. The crates were humongous and they even overflowed on the top so they had an airlock on the top which we soon found out was designed by Da Vinci. They mentioned that it is important to let the wine rest in order to achieve the perfect taste.

img_1335 img_1333 img_1334

It is important to note that the grapes were hung by hand in a specific pattern. They pick the grapes from their fields and then they will leave them there for months until they feel they are good enough to press into the liquid goodness that is vino.

The joke of the night was to make sure that we did not pick of any of the grapes no matter how delicious they looked. And truthfully, it really was hard to resist those good looking grapes, but somehow we managed to do just that.


When the tour concluded, it was time for dinner and wine. We were instructed which course to drink our wine with so that we could really enjoy the flavor. The set-up was so beautiful and the food was delicious. I am not a drinker, but the others raved about the quality of the wine.

img_1350 img_1347 img_1361 img_1357

In the end, we became more cultured in the art of wine tasting and knew what wine to drink with each food. We all had a wonderful time and ended up eating way too much. A lot of us bought wine to bring back home to our families from this unforgettable excursion. We now have an everlasting memory and some pretty great pictures from the castle.


Until next time, ciao!



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