Archery Tag. (assignment 6).

The weekends can be dull on campus, but not when there is Archery Tag!

Archery Tag in a new and coming game that involves skills such as archery and even dodging. It is supposed to be a combination of the game dodgeball and archery. This intense game was brought to campus thanks to CAB (Campus Activities Board). There were few people who showed up but they seemed to have enjoyed themselves. Here are some images that captured the event.

Players lining up to get ready for the start of the game. They are hiding behind blue protective shields in order not to get hit. Game begins in 3…2…1… 
Someone was a little bit upset that they got hit in the beginning of the game. He was claiming that he would win the next game if he did not get back in for the current one being played. 
Once you get out you have to stand outside of the cones until their teammates get them back in. In order to get back in, your teammates must either hit all of their arrows in the holes (notice the whit box in front of the blue shield), or they can catch a flying arrow. 
Here is the set up of the playing field for the game. The cones symbolize where players must stay during the game. 
Freshmen Kahari aiming her arrow to hit her next target and hopefully winning the game for her team.
What is Archery Tag without a little selfie to prove that you were there and you survived? 

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