An All Image Portfolio

These 10 images are the ones that I feel the most confident about.

I have taken a lot of images during the years, and there were a lot that I had to get rid of in order to make this portfolio.

In the heart of downtown Chicago there is a sign that says “Building A New Chicago.” It is to be seen that there is beauty within the tagged property for it brings culture to the city. 
An image of Millennium Park where there are free concerts that are held during the summer. If you need a break from the music, you can always go check out the bean that is located directly across from the beautiful and uniquely designed stage. 
Sunset on the pacific ocean. The cloud appears dark and as if it is about to vanish the last bit of the sunshine. Perhaps there will be a dark stormy night, or maybe even a beautiful dark night with stars in the sky. This image shows the bright side (left) and the dark side (right). 
One of the thousands of lakes located in Minnesota. Lake of the Isles is in Minneapolis and its waters flow into other great lakes such as: Lake Calhoun, and Hidden Beach. Hidden Beach is actually the lake this young traveler is heading to. 
Downtown Indianapolis on a warm summers day. The streets are empty now, but tomorrow will bring a new day seeing as though the Indy 500 parade will be taking place. It also appears as though the statue is a Sun God (Ra), as it is holding one arm high into the light. 
Some of the amazing and crafty deserts found in South Korea, Seoul to be exact. This tasty treats are so beautiful it is hard to imagine that anyone would want to eat them. Notice the detail in each one. 
Located in Kauai, Hawaii, the Waimea Canyon is known as the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific.”  This is the State Park for Kauai and it is a beautiful sight for the tourists. This is one of the more common tourist destinations. 
On top of the N Seoul Tower, the Romantic Seoul: Locks of Love can be found. It is quite a hike to get to the top of this tower and there is no available transportation that can reach the height of the tower. The view is worth it once you reach the top. It is to be said that you can lock friendships or relationships on this tower and throw the key over the ledge in hopes that it will last forever. 
The White House is truly a sight to see in Washington DC. Here is a different angle of the stunning home of the Obama family. Usually images will be from outside of the gate, but here it is captured on the property of the estate. 
 Kiyomizu-dera Buddhist Temple located in Kyoto, Japan. This site can be traced back all the way to the year of 798. This is one of the many Shrines located on the grounds and is still used to practice worship. 

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