McDonald’s under-wraps.

On Thursday, April 14th, the employees of McDonald’s held a peaceful strike at the downtown Chicago location on Clark Ave.

McDonald’s employees all across the states decided to protest on this day in order to get their voices heard. A recent decision, from the board of McDonald’s, states that there will be a rise in the wages, but only for SOME employees. Disturbed by this thought, the employees of these establishments took it to themselves to voice their feelings on the thought. It was a peaceful protest and no violence had taken place. There hopes for this protest is to get the establishment to realize that everyone deserves equal pay and that they all need to be getting paid more.

Here are some articles to read if you would like more information:


Huffington Post 

New York 

“Education for all,” one of the many signs displayed at this protest. 
A possible employee at this establishment showing emotional facial expressions during the protest while holding a sign that reads “McJobs cost us all.” 
Witnesses discussing what is going on and perhaps even trying to find a way into the establishment to grab a burger. 
A different view of the the protesters and the famous McDonald’s golden arches. 
Notice the live cut out of Paul L (sorry can’t decipher the last name) perhaps a member of the McDonald’s board? Protesters could be signaling out people they know that can help make the changes they feel are necessary.
Communities United joins the protest and explain through signs what the wage gap is going to do for them and their families. 
Different position of the Communities United group. 
Chicago Police are tending to the protest to ensure nothing bad goes down. 
Another view of the backside of the protest. 
Monopoly is back and so are the protests for equal wages. 
More protestors and more signs. 
“McDonald’s takes away our communities resources” the sign on the left states. 
This man is holding a sign that says McDonald’s is leading the race to the bottom, and I did not ask him to pose for this shot he just did. 
Close up of the people and their faces. 
Ronald McDonald being held in the sky, there are multiple signs that can be seen and the signs are in different languages. 

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