The importance of friendship.

Recently, I decided to go on a friend date with my really good friend Alexis.

We laughed, ate, day dreamed about Italy, and reminisced on our past.

Alexis and I did a lot of adventuring on our date! We first went to Putting Edge, to play a game of mini golf. It was really exciting when we were playing, because it was glow in the dark themed and we felt like we were in another world. Although neither of us are very good at mini golf, we had a wonderful time and enjoyed ourselves.

When we first entered the area, we walked onto this carpet which had the name of the place where we were playing. 
Captured here, is an example of the glow in the dark art that we would see playing in the golfing area upstairs. 
Alexis trying to pull the sword from the stone. 
A knight on his horse protecting the hole so you do not get a hole in one! 
Inches away from victory. 
Seems impossible, or is it? 

After mini golf, we headed back to campus where we would take a 30 minute nap until our next adventure. Once we felt well rested, we walked to downtown Oak Park where we first went to the bookstore where Alexis would get her book. Next, we ended up eating at the Italian bistro, Mancini’s. There, we realized that we had similar tastes in food, but we also had different tastes in food choices.

As soon as our date night ended, I realized how important it is to have friendships in college and to pursue them for the future.

Here are 5 reasons why I believe it is important to have friend dates.

  1. Get away from school and stress.
  2. Catch up on life.
  3. Get to eat awesome food!
  4. Get to explore new places.
  5. Get to learn something about not only you, but also your friend.


Alexis and I on our friend date. We had a really great time going miniature golfing, exploring downtown Oak Park, and dinning on amazing Italian cuisine. 

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