The Thing Itself: as all good photographers know, photography is meant to deal with the actual. People want to see REAL images. Maybe something that they can relate to or that they have strong opinions about?

photo 1 REAL

The thing with real images is; that when we look at it we don’t want to believe it is real, but we are forced into this sad reality, in which we realize that it is real.

The Detail: this is when the truth comes out. As a photographer, you want your photo to mean something/ you want it to be expressive. The only way to capture the truth is to go out and find it.

photo 2 detail

As we see in this picture, the hand that is being held is bone skinny. It is a clear indication that where ever this photographer is in the world, the people of that place are starving. We can also see that the person holding the hand is well nourished. Maybe this is supposed to represent the understanding of how ungrateful one can be versus how in need another person is.

The Frame: here is when we (as photographers) have to make decisions. This is the act of choosing and eliminating. This is what can give the photo more or less detail. You have to decide what will make the image appear more attractive to the viewers eyes.

photo 4 the frame

The first thing we notice in this photo is the family (probably the girl holding the older woman). But after examining the photo for a longer period of time and looking at all of the details, you might notice that there are men in the back standing near them. And if we were to analyze the photo even more, we would notice that those men are soldiers indicating that there is a war going on. Basically, your photo must tell a story.

Time: being in the right place at the right time can get you far as a photojournalist. It will especially help if you take a really great and expressive photo.


Here is one of the most famous photos that you will find. It is a sad memory of what happened on 9/11. It is clear that the man is falling from one of the towers towards his death. The image tells a story and reminds us of the unfortunate event that occurred on that day.

Vantage Point: photography has taught us to view images from unexpected vantage points. Sometimes looking at photos that are the same gets boring, so we tend to spice things up and give the audience a break from the “same-old, same-old.”


In this image we see a legographer taking a photo of a tree. What draws me to this image is the uniqueness of the image itself. Sometimes I think people view me as that small, seeing as though I am on the shorter side. This image is funny because it took a photo that could be realistic, but took it from a completely different vantage point.

In the end, these 5 things are what make a good image. I hope you have enjoyed, and that you have learned something new today. Don’t be afraid to take photos you never know who could actually be enjoying them.


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