Day 4: So long Seoul 

Well today was our last day in Seoul,  and let me tell you… we all had such a wonderful time. 

We have made so many memories that will never be forgotten.

 Seoul is an amazing city with so much to offer. 

In the morning we headed down for breakfast where we would have our last meal at the Ritz.

Breakfast was great, so no surprise. 

I had: orange juice, fried rice, pineapple, and salmon. 

While getting more food we asked to get a picture with the Head Chef! 

He was so great to our family; so friendly and nice. 

After breakfast we took a family photo. 

 It was our last family photo in the lobby of the hotel. The staff was sad to see us go but we told them how wonderful they had been and that we hoped to be back some day. 

Before we took off for Daegu we had one last thing to do. 

We needed to see the secret garden at the Changdeokgung palace! 

We had a couple of huge hills to tackle but we managed to go up and down them with ease.


There were quite a few people on the tour but that never stopped us before. 



It was so beautiful. 

There were many different sections within the enclosed garden.

Our tour guide wore a beautiful dress and we all felt bad because it was such a warm day and we knew she had to be extremely hot. 

Despite her being warm, she was a wonderful tour guide and we learned a lot about the garden thanks to her knowledge. 

After we were finished with the tour, the tour guide told us that we had the option to climb up 70 steps or to just go back the same way we came in. 

If you guessed going up the 70 steps you would be… 


Sorry to disappoint but we were all pretty tired and sweaty. 

Once we were out of the palace, we went back to the market (the one located in the bottom of the department store) to grab snacks and or lunch before the long ride to Daegu. 

I, of course, went straight to the sweets because well.. when in Korea. 

I could not believe how they could create these master pieces! I would never want to eat them but only keep them for food decor. 

I ended up getting my favorite pastry of all time.. 

   A fruit tart. Mhm mhm delicious. 

I noticed that they had a popcorn shop in the market and get this..

It was Garrett’s popcorn! 

I guess I am a Chicago girl after all. 

After we got what we needed we headed back to the hotel to collect our bags. 

The car was packed full and we decided that only four of us could fit in the car. 

Grandpa, grandma, my mother, and I said that we did not mind riding in the car. So it was settled. 

We took off! 

I thought the gps our driver had was really neat so I took a photo of it to show you all how advanced Korea is in technology. 

Our driver stopped at a little road stop… better known as a “rest stop” in the states.



It was really neat! It even had a full grocery store.  

Sorry to bring up my obsessions with bathrooms again but it was pretty interesting in there. 

This was the toilets that the kids got to use  
And here, they described the different toilets you could use in the picture below:

They also had courtesy buttons, so if you had to pass a little gas you could push the button and then there would be a noise so the person next to you couldn’t hear you. 

 After the quick stop we headed back on the road and were in Daegu in no time. 

After we dropped off our bags we headed over to Eunju’s parents place to see everyone and have dinner. 

Before we headed upstairs, I got the privilege to take a photo with the driver. 

He has driven us all around Seoul for the entire week we were there and I could not praise him enough.  
After the photo we headed upstairs where we would dine on the wonderful home cooked food. 


We took another toast and this time my aunt said: 

“Welcome to Daegu” 

we all laughed and took our shot. 



 And if you were wondering… 

yes, I actually took the shot this time

 and yes, I am just as shocked as you are. 

After dinner we headed back to Eunju’s sisters apartment (that is where we are staying) and decided to call it a night. 

Can’t wait to tell you about our next adventure! 
Oh oh oh! I almost forgot to tell you… 

My mom found diet coke. You could only imagine the excitement in her eyes. 

If you can’t… here’s a photo: 

Blog ya later!  


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